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Project Nomadify

We partnered on an autonomous vehicle project with Dr. Joseph Raetano, Director of Artificial Intelligence, an outstanding research fellow. Our research objective was to identify the personality of a vehicle. We were tasked to connect a smart recreational vehicle with Amazon Cloud. What we mean by connect, is to make an RV talk with the Cloud. How cool! And so: went to work :)

Our vehicle was equipped with 8 cameras, Solar panels and WiFi capabilities. We installed and configured NVIDIA TX2, fastest and the most power efficient embedded computing device. We ran Lambda @ the Edge to read and push sensor, communications and coach data. Raw sensor data was dumped onto Amazon Cloud and processed via various services in Amazon stack.

Sure we have the data, now what? Well, we had a privilege to partner with the AI team from University Of Waterloo, ON. We were brought in for our python expertise to help out the AI team. There is lot more to this research, and we are proud to say that, our smart RV was selected to provide Hurricane Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico. Glad to have been part of this noble cause. Care to see this vehicle in person? Reach out to us and may be we can make that happen!

Project FlDraw

We partnered with a local firm in Virginia to integrate Draw2D, HTML5 canvas library with the modern Javascript stack. We took upon the challenge and built a proof-of-concept flow charting app in less than 2 months. We looked under the hood to dissect the internals from this drawing library. We extended native code for a highly customized integration. We wrote a NodeJS Api to serialize and deserialize diagrams in a JSON format.

Project Tocotou

A bird from Amazon! In 2019, we researched on building a desktop application for Amazon Web Services. Yes, we used Electron with NodeJs and a modern Javascript stack to build this prototype. App allows browserless connectivity to Amazon Web Services. You bet, no browser required. Our prototyped product allows users to switch AWS accounts on the fly. Are you a cloud provider with hundreds of clients? Our prototyped product allows you to switch accounts and manage resources. We can build and integrate modules of your choice. Plug & Play. More to follow :)